At Elegant Nails and Beauty we use Adam and Eve warm and hot wax to perform our waxing treatments.

Adam and Eve wax was originally launched in Australia in 2003. The company has since continued to improve the product and we are now lucky enough that it has launched in the UK. Adam and Eve wax is not tested on animals and is vegan friendly. The wax contains the finest natural products including almond, coconut, olive and peach oils. It also includes essential oils, titanium dioxide and fine fragrances.

Adam and Eve wax hot wax comes in the form of beads, this allows the wax to be a lot more pliable, elastic and versatile. The wax also has a low temperature melting point offering a more comfortable waxing experience for you.

Adam and Eve also offer a fantastic warm strip wax;

For large areas we use their fantastic range of roller cartridges. Using the rollers it allows the wax to be applied thinly reducing any sticky residue being left behind. It also has with a fantastic range of fragrances for you to enjoy during your wax treatment.

For smaller areas we use the conventional method of spatula and strips. This wax is also designed to be applied thinly again reducing a sticky residue being left behind.

Adam and Eve not only offer a superior product but also offer fantastic training so you can feel at ease knowing that you wax therapist is competent and confident whilst preforming your waxing treatments.