Acrylic nails are one of the most commonly used artificial nail in the industry. They are proven to be extremely durable and offer amazing strength to your natural nail, however remember they are not invincible. There is a lot of talk about acrylic nails damaging your natural nails, this information is incorrect however what will cause damage to your natural nail is improper use or incorrect removal of your nails. The correct removal process is to soak them in acetone until they eventually begin to dissolve, peeling or picking them off will cause damage to your natural nails as it removes layers of your nail that the acrylic has bonded to.

An acrylic nail can last forever if they are well looked after. The magic with acrylic nails is you can have so many different affects ranging from subtle and elegant to completely outrageous. At Elegant Nails & Beauty we offer a vast range of different nail art ideas which are always continuing to grow as we play around with new idea's.

We do not use harmful MMA's or Electric files on your natural nails.

Maintenance of Acrylic Ehancements

It is extremely important that you maintain your acrylics during the course of having them on. Ideally you will need to have them rebalanced every 2-3 weeks. Some clients may be able to have them rebalanced every 4 weeks but your nail tech will be able to advise you on this when you have you enhancements put on.

What happens during a rebalance - 

  • The length of your Nail Enhancement is reduced back to your desired length.
  • We thin the free edge of the nail to reduce any bulkiness giving the nail a natural look.
  • The apex is moved back to it's correct position. The apex is the part of the nail that offers the enhancement it's strength. As your natural nail grows this naturally moves the apex further up the nail bed, meaning the enhancement is putting strain on a weaker part of your natural nail, which can result in your enhancements breaking or snapping.
  • We infill the growth. As your natural nail grows you will notice a gap at the base of your nail, we remove any lifting acrylic from this area and place fresh acrylic back to the base of the nail.
  • We then re - apply your colour coat.